Table of contents

  1. aanpassingen
  2. beekse bergen
  3. IKW Wanroij
  4. venco rally team
  5. Sc hell eco marathon
  6. Meikever treffen messe Hannover
  7. het interieur
  8. D.i.v. Vorderingen
  9. Airmighty picnic
  10. We hebben niet stil gezeten
  11. Eiland van Maurik en meer...
  12. Weekend op Circuit De Spa Francorchamps
  13. Last changes and a tour bus!
  14. Hoffmann Speedster sponsorship
  15. The first test ride
  16. Interior and finishing touches
  17. Moving on
  18. CVT
  19. The Beetle
  20. The beginning


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we’ve been very busy.
We’ve particularly been busy with the promo bus lately. It needed some extra attention, because it’s a old bus and needed to go up for an APK.  The brake hoses needed to be renewed and the ball joint was defect. In the back the subframe also needed some attention it wasn’t serious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The APK went well so we’re ready for 2014!
The Super Baja also underwent some changes; a new carter-vent was mounted on the engine and also a new oil pump was fitted. One to lube the engine and one to provide the oil coolers with a fresh stream of oil. The reason for fitting a new oil pump was that when the engine got hot the oil pressure was low. It’s not the big of a deal here in Europe, but in the desert it could’ve become a problem.
We’ve also developed a new front axle to keep a permanent differential lock. This should come in handy when we race on the desert sand.
I’ve made a designed for a rollcage in combination with the possibility of taking an extra wheel and fuel. The material has been ordered so it’s be custom made soon. I’ve also managed to design a ‘decibel killer’ to get the Super Baja through the APK. It’s been tested at a garage and it’s been approved.
The ‘winter-festijn’ in Maastricht next year will be the first event we visit.
Till then and to all Super Baja project followers  a merry x-mass and a happy new year!

beekse bergen

Hi Super Baja friends and followers,
Yes, Yes I know I should post and write more and quicker about the Super Baja project.
It’s no excuse when is say I’m not that good a writer of computer freak, but more a technician and builder/do-er.
I promise to post and write more about the Super Baja project, sorry!
Recently on a Sunday we’ve been to ‘Beekse Bergen’ in Hilvarenbeek(
It was a very nice weekend, good weather and a lot of racing and drifting with streetcars. There were very beautiful cars present there, with a lot invested in them.
I really enjoyed it and we were also present with the Super Baja and also did the sprint and went for a spin in the dirt.
In Wanroy we also did the sprint, but there the brake didn’t work properly yet. After this went wrong and we adapted some things. I wanted to test it in the dirt again. My suspicion got confirmed that the CVT wasn’t calibrated right yet.
When accelerating the CVT asks for too much torque, while the engine isn’t at rpm. This costs time. The time wasn’t that bad (11seconds on 200 meter), but there is always room for improvement.
In the dirt the Super Baja is a true beast, we rode on solely our rear axle to see how it went and it went great. Of course it would perform better 4x4, but it has enough grip and power on its rear axle.
At the moment we’re really busy with the CVT, which needs to be tested and calibrated right.
If this is done, we’re ready for Spa Belgium.
We’ll also be fitting a new track rod from ‘Fluro’ on the Super Baja, the current track rod is good, but we want to work towards the best for the Super Baja, so that’s why we’re taking these steps.
We’ll be trying our best to be at ‘Volkstyle Base – Airport Weeze, Sunday 25th of August, hope to see you  there.
Thanks for the positive messages Team Venco’, many thanks gentleman!
Till next time,

IKW Wanroij

Good day Super Baja friends _ followers,
Last week we went to wanroij with the Super Baja project and got assigned a wonderful spot by IKW at the meeting. Special thanks to Walter Smits.
The spot we got assigned already pleased us, but it only got better. We were asked on stage to display the project and got asked to participate in a photo-competition(
Made possible by Pioneer and Autoweek.
All went well when we entered the buggy sandpit with the Super Baja and we reallt enjoyed ourselves. We also did 2 testdrives on the sprint track, and as anticipated we’ll need to make some adjustment on the CVT to get it running exactly like we want it.
This will be our new priority and we’ll be working on this so we’ll be able to show even more with the Super Baja.
Soon we’ll be posting a calendar with the future dates of the hotspot where you’ll be able to find the project.
We’ve also had great reactions from the Venco Team, special thanks to them and we hope to run into each other more at these kind of meetings.
As has been told before the project has a Dakar wish, so we’re looking at the Dakar terms and conditions and looking what we’ll have to change and modify on the car to participate.
We’ll be working on this throughout the winter.

venco rally team

Sc hell eco marathon

Dear Super Baja followers,
Last Saturday We(Henri & John Minderhout) went to the Shell Eco Marathon in Rotterdam.
If was a great event and experience for us as well as for the Super Baja project. We took the Super Baja around the course and the people went crazy.
The Shell Eco Marathon was a very interesting event and I would really recommend people to visit it next year. They also thought about the children and there was a lot of fun happening.
There were 200 schools present to attend the competition and the purpose of the marathon was to see how far their vehicles could go on just 1 Litre of fuel.
John and me also got to taka a look behind the scenes and could see they technicians of the universities at work. Seeing those kids at work we looked at each other and said that we wished we had the possibility to do that at that age. All we saw were young men playing in a technical playground.
Coming Sunday we’ll be at ´aircooled´ Scheveningen hope to see you there!
Greetings and hope to see you soon,

Meikever treffen messe Hannover

Good day Super Baja friends and followers, 

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but we’ve been very busy to complete the promotion bus. We’ve been busy making it comfortable, liveable and flawless so we can keep the focus on the Super Baja.

You’ve seen the Super Baja had no problems on the snow, but on asphalt it was to blocked. We’ve been very busy to solve this and to get ready for ‘Wanroij’, so we can show people what the Super Baja is capable of.

On the first of May we went to Hannover Messe to the ‘meikevertreffen’. It was a very busy, the weather was great, and there were a lot of interested people who came to see and ask about our project.

Here a couple of Dates and places where you’ll be able to see the Super Baja:

18 mei             Rotterdam Shell  eco marathon Ahoy
26 mei             Scheveningen Air Coelt
2 juni               Meating Arnhem
14-15-16 juni Wanroij KCN weekend 
7 juli schagen kever dag noordholland
13-14 sept Airmighty picknick

More dates and events following soon..
Greetings and see you soon at one of our appearances,

Dear Super Baja Friends and Followers,
We’ve been working very hard on the new CVT.
Last week on a Saturday we were able to assemble it after intensive testing an calibrating.
During the test we picked up a strange sound in the CVT when it was set in ‘drive’ and was reaching high-speed.
Last week we took the CVT apart and we were able to find the cause and  we were able to solve the problem and re assemble it.
Past Tuesday it was re-tested and now it sounds perfect.
On Thursday I build the new CVT into the Super Baja and tested the Baja on an open field on snow.
It worked perfect and gave a stable impression. Even on the snow there was no slipping or instabilities in the car or grip.
The next task would be to test it on the asphalt at high-speed and hope it does as well as it has done on the snow
I’ll let you guys know how it went as soon as possible!

het interieur

Hi Dear Super Baja followers,

First of best wishes and a happy 2013!

For the Super Baja project this will be a exciting year, cause we’ll have to prove our power, ability and engineering.
The progress on the Super Baja has been positive.

The interior has been finished, the engine space has been coated with isolating materials which also mutes the engine sounds and keeps the heat in.
In front we’ve installed 2 new racing seats and 6-point seatbelts. The dashboard has been pimped and the mid console has been coated.

There were still some little adaptations that had to be made to the new CVT. Once these have been made it can be put together. Once it has been put together the CVT will have to undergo testing to adapt the hydraulics to counter any slipping of the tires.
The calculations show us that the top speed of the Super Baja will lay around the 170 km/h.
We’ll be doing our ultimate best to make driving with the new CVT possible as soon as possible.
i hope to welcome you all at the Beetle Winter Event in Rosmalen on the 5th and 6th of January 2013.



D.i.v. Vorderingen

Hi Super Baja fans and followers,
It’s been a while since we’ve posted or communicated. Due to personal affairs i haven’t been able to write, but better late than never.
We haven’t been sitting still and the project is always in motion.
The promotional bus  has been improved and the construction that pulls the Super Baja into the bus didn’t work proper before, but has now been fixed. You could say; why don’t you just drive the car into the bus, but due to pressure points in the bus and weight issues the car needs to be backed up into the bus and this isn’t that pleasant with all the exhaust fumes inside the bus.
The 24v / 220v is being worked on and being permanently installed.
The bus is currently placed at my right-hand for this project(Hans Heijmen), who will be making further improvements on the inside of the bus.
We’ve also been very busy with the CVT and most of the parts have been coming in. The improvements for the housing of the CVT have been put on paper by me and have been passed on to John Minderhout, who has made these improvements to the housing.
The axles and gears inside the CVT also need to be customized. This will be real precision work, due to the chains that may only have a space of between the o,1 and 0,15 mm space when entering and this won’t be changeable later on.
There were also some tweeks that needed to be made because some things in the construction were getting in the way of the steering. This was solved by changing a rubber for a 2 angled bearing.
As you can see enough things to do to get the Super Baja ready for January when we will be present at the ‘Winter Festijn’ at Rosmalen.
Greetings and more news to come..


Airmighty picnic

Hi Dear Super Baja Followers,
Last week a was at a location in Apeldoorn right next to ‘Apenheul’.
There was a picnic for air-cooled VW’s organized by ‘airmighty’(
We had a very nice day and on a Saturday KCN stood right beside us with their club stand.
Yvonne Landstra who does the PR for KCN( Her story will also be featured in the KCN magazine.
Once again I had the privilege to meat nice people who were also very enthusiastic about our project.
This was the last trip for the Super Baja this year/season, because we’ll need time to prepare the car for the coming season. This so we can improve the car and show and do new things.
Next week Coen van Beek and myself will visit John to discuss the advancements on the CVT.
Also the inside of the Super Baja will be refreshed and the roof will be finished with special platework for the engine space. There will also be further adjustments made to the front axle.
I’ll keep you guys posted!
Till next time,

We hebben niet stil gezeten

Eiland van Maurik en meer...

Dear Super Baja Friends,

Past weekend we visited the regional weekend at the island of Maurik with the Super Baja.
The organization really appreciated our attendance and at this event we also spoke to a lot of Beetle an Buggy fans who were very enthusiastic about the project as well.

Coming weekend we’ll be at the Flevo Camping called ‘De Ruimte’ in Dronten.
We’re very bust at the moment with the modifications for the CVT, so we can reach greater speeds. According to our calculations we should be able to reach a rop speed of 180 km/h.
Coming week will also be the start of the modifications to the inside of the Beetle’s roof and the placement of the protective caps on the axles and the CVT to protect the driver.

The new pictures of the Super Baja and the promotional bus where made at our special night for all the sponsors. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to see all the people who were, are and will stay involved.
The pictures and movieclips made at Spa Francorchamps and the island of Maurik will be posted soon.

Till next week,

Weekend op Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

It’s been  a long time since I’ve kept you guys up to date on the progress made on the promotional bus.
Last weekend we went to the ‘Spa Francorchamps’ and it was wonderful to see how the people there reacted on the Super Baja and the bus. I really enjoy that. Me and a couple of friends really had the work cut out for us, getting the bus and the Super Baja ready for ‘Spa’
In the bus we placed a new floor, a new kitchen and made the toilet ready for use.
The exterior of the Super Baja also had to be done, as we would be displaying it to the public. This was also quite some work, because with a Baja package the running boards don’t fit that well. I had also placed the new drive chain and the new cooled brake discs.
All windows were fitted with a special foil to protect against splintering glass. This had to be put on very gently and precise. ‘Synactif’ also came the day before last to place the finishing touch on the sponsor logo.
The first day of the event we had agreed to meet at 11 o’clock, but things got very hectic and we were a hour and a half later than expected.
We also had a beamer with us, both once we were on our way we realized we had forgot the laptop.
Once we arrived we setup the place and setting up the front tent for the bus went very well. Looking back the first long road trip for the bus also went better than expected.
The bus weighs 14tons and we had a trailer hooked to the back of it on which we had put the Karmann Ghia. So the bus also had its work cut out and certainly in Liege we had it rough going up the hills with just 40km/h.
It was a really fertile weekend and you’ll hear more from, us soon..

Last changes and a tour bus!

After December I’ve ordered different parts that will be custom made especially for the ‘Super Baja’. Before the deal I had worked 1,5 years on the car without much pressure and with the attitude that if it didn’t work today it would come tomorrow, but with this great deal there are also great expectations and agreements made that have to be followed and respected.
This makes the project more exciting and a challenge to get it ready on time.
We’ve also purchased a promotional bus to complete the picture, but thus more work.
This bus is already fitted with a garage, a living quarter and of all comforts.
The facilities were quite old and almost in a state of decay, so we decided to renew the set up and facilities completely and to make some small adjustments here and there to make things easier. As soon as you start doing this work you find out that the job becomes bigger and bigger.
For the ‘Super Baja’ I’ve ordered a new drive axle and 2 double ventilated discs will be placed. To seal the engine from the compartment a special lightweight plate material will be made.
To get the ‘Super Baja’ and the bus in the right sponsoring color I’ve approached a company in Waalwijk and they were very happy to help us.
I’ve also ordered parts for the CVT and these will be custom made and it’s  in a big contrast to the Beetle a very technical, precise and complex project. To this endeavor I hold very high standards.
I’ve told my story about the process and developments of the ‘Super Baja’ project up until now and the further progress will continue on Facebook. Follow us if we got you excited!

Hoffmann Speedster sponsorship

In the beginning Rob Stolsenbach introduced this project to a company in Germany, who were very interested and would follow the progress through Rob.
When the ‘Super Baja’ made it’s perfect test run Rob and I made the bold decision to approach this company. They stood open to meet us and we were welcome to visit them in Germany in October. After this visit a few more followed, and because both parties really believed in the project we decided to sign a sponsorship contract on the 2nd of December. I was very proud to have signed this deal with a company I respect very much.
Up until now I had worked with a limited budget, but through this deal I could modify and built things that matched the great plans we have with this project. More on the plans we have with this project later..

The first test ride

Half November the ‘Super Baja’ was ready fro the first test drive, it was a very exiting period. And now all things that were built wrong would come to the surface. That Saturday I had invited a couple of friends to monitor some things as I started the engine. Wilco monitored it all and Andruw stood by with a fire extinguisher. After starting the engine first without detonating, to get the oil to its place and to refill the oil, because there are oil coolers fitted in-between. It wasn’t a coincidence that we had to refill 2 liters of oil.
We placed the detonator back and started it for real this time! It went well right away and made an impressive sound. We also refilled the CVT with oil and started our first test drive.
It was a great sight to see the ‘Super Baja’ run so well and out of its pen for the first time.
The first lap we did very slowly to see how all axles held, and per lap we upped the speed to see of the vibrations in the car gave ant problems, but luckily this was not the case and everything went very well. No in balance, no odd sounds nothing, it went perfect!
The ‘Super Baja’ is alive and what a monster of an engine, too bad the top speed at the moment was only 65 km/h, but in return we had an amazing torque(Nm). The CVT would still have to be modified to reach the intended 180 km/h.
Due to this change the torque will decline slightly, but there’ll stil be more than enough left.
The weekend afterwards Coen and I tested the car again to measure what had to happen to the CVT.
That same weekend on a Sunday morning at 11 o’clock we had a presentation for the people who knew about the project and who had worked with us on it. There were approximately 30 people present and Coen complemented me that it all had worked against the odds.

Interior and finishing touches

On the internet I found a dashboard with a Porsche appearance, this could come in handy because I would need to be able to fit a lot of extra motors to monitor the CVT(different oil pressures and temps.) The original fuses needed to be replaced with a holder for plug fuses.
De lighting and engine will have independent fuses to make problem locating and solving easier and  the blowers and super chargers will de fitted with a relays.
The ‘Super Baja’ will be equipped with 6 brake claws, 4 on the front wheels and the handbrake will be hydraulic. I chose for 16inch wheels and a stitch of 5x130, because I had 5 new wheels laying around.
The gear shift can only be moved into front, back and neutral and the gear shaft had to be built around the CVT, because the controls were only reachable through that side. The engine also needed a new exhaust pipe which I made myself with manifolds and imitation absorbers and all cylinders have their own damper, so there are 4 exhaust pipes sticking out the back of the ‘Super Baja’. The pipes are hanging from a self-made bracket that’s attached to the engine. De back of the ‘Super Baja’ where the hood shuts is made in one piece and enforced.
De cooling air will enter the vehicle through the roof and provide the oil coolers and the CVT of cool air. This will be done by blowers that’ll be controllable on the dashboard. The oil coolers of the engine and the CVT will be placed in a package and put in a closed circuit to cool.
The entering air for the engine will enter the vehicle on the side and will be filtered and strengthened by super chargers.
If all works out well I’ll hope to have room for 3 seats, 2 in front and 1 in the back(left).
On the engine there are 6 meters; 2 oil pressure and 4 temperature, for the CVT that’ll be 5 meters; 2 oil pressure and 3 for temperature. These meters are fitted together onto the dashboard with a tachometer and a couple of control lights.
There are two electrical wiring systems with each an independent holder for the fuse and lights(original VW wiring) and also a new control for the engine and the CVT.
The exhaust outlet I made myself and I fitted 4 end-dampers and it’s quite surprising as you will see.

Moving on

When the Beetle was dismantled I weighed everything and all that was put back in also was weighed. Together the total weight came to approximately 900kg.
Of the body parts the liter box needed to go, to make place for the sub frame. After all adjustments were made to the body parts they could be placed back onto the chassis. This gave me a real good feeling, just to see everything come back together and fit into its place. To get the front wheel suspension and drive just as I wished ti to be, became the biggest job in the end. The steering needed to be fitted in the front of the wrench axles, because behind that laid the drive for my cardan.
The front wheel hubs and drive I made myself keeping the fuse angle, caster angle and the trail angle. It didn’t come about easily, but he who puts his all in prevails.
Around this time of the developments ‘Rob Stolzenbach’ got the project on the radar of my current head sponsor ‘Hoffman Speedster’. They thought of the project as a challenge right away and very enthusiastic. They followed me for about a year with Rob as the contact person before we were introduced. After the front wheel bit was done I attached a part of the baja kit to the Beetle chassis(Wheel fenders, lid and nose) in the back we still have the original motor lid and spoilers.
In the front and on the back a shock rack has been fitted and the ‘Super Baja’ is born and standing tall on its wheels!
To get things cleaned up a bit I approached Rob to go to the annual Beetle Club gathering in Budel. We had a trailer loaded with Beetle and Porsche parts to sell on the body parts market at the gathering. At this market I met ‘John Minderhoud’ who was interested in my Porsche parts. After a conversation I came t know John had a tool making company and he could make a lot.  After the conversation we agreed he could get all the Porsche parts if he would make me different axles.
The next job on the ‘Super Baja’ would be to measure and fit the axles. The axle to the front would be supported by two bearings, which are part of the second tunnel. Between the engine and the CVT a axle would be fitted, but it can’t be fitted directly to the CVT because axle going in would only be able to handle the rotating force. On the sub frame at the CVT a supporting plate will de placed with a ball bearing flange. This was quite the job because major forced would be unleashed onto the axle and the axle isn’t in line with the CVT but placed in two angles of 24 degrees. I had a representative come to measure these axles in-between the engine and the CVT. 3 weeks later John had delivered and fitted the flanges and the flywheel, and they fitted perfectly.


The gearbox that was on the Beetle existed out of pendular axles, so I sold it back to the former owner as he also had a buggy in which the gearbox had broken and in my Beetle it would be replaced by a CVT.
The whole Beetle was dismantled so I could make the adjustments needed to fit the CVT(2x cardan – motor and all axles).
On the internet I found 2 cardan’s which were permanent closed and light weight. To proceed I paid a visit to ‘Vandoorne Transmissie’ to find a CVT that I could use. I was redirected to a revision company called ‘Euromatic’ in Oisterwijk, and here I met with Coen van Beek.
He was very enthusiastic about the project and redirected me to an old rally driver who could have one that was already custom made and could handle more power.
I immediately contacted the owner and after some slight hesitation the CVT was mine with all parts that belonged. With this CVT I went back to Coen and he would revise it. Further adjustment to the CVT would be done later, first I had to get back to the Beetle.
After a while I got a message from Coen that he couldn’t help me anymore due to problems with his company he had to relocate his business. This news hit me hard and i went straight to him to discuss it. He told me he close to despair and that the relocation of his company would be a large operation that would take a lot of his time and money, the whole thing worried him.
I told him that he shouldn’t worry and that the relocating would be done by me. Coen was stunned and asked me again what I meant. I repeated what I told him that I would take the relocations of his company on myself and that I wouldn’t cost him anything, I just needed a time and place so I could take some time off from my job.
He still wasn’t convinced that a could do it in the time I would take off from work. I told him within 2 weeks it will be done, you’re about to experience it. A few months later I started and just as is said within 2 weeks and it went without any problems. Coen was very happy and promised me that he would give his all to modify and revise the CVT. At that moment we were both happy because without Coen it would be quite problematic to get it done.
Because the Beetle would be without a nose and rear a decided to make it a ‘Super Baja’. On ‘marktplaats’ I found a kit and I got it straight away. Now it was time to modify the chassis, in the back wishbones needed to be put in, because my rear axles needed to be placed with ‘homokinites’. In the front the chassis also needed to be reinforced an adjusted to place my cardan. The placement of the head brake cylinder needed to be turned 90 degrees to make place for my cardan. To conserve my license plates I couldn’t touch my the main chassis between the wrench axles in the back and the tunnels in between because my chassis number which matched my license plates was positioned. Because of this I’ll need a second tunnel that, because I will fit my drive axles above the original tunnel. In the back of the chassis was shortened where the gearbox hangs and it’s also been reinforced. My front cardan I placed first onto my chassis with different extra reinforcements and I lays in-between 5 rubbers to make my front wheel drive and the drive of the CVT possible. Behind the seat, on the tunnel a support has been built in for the sub frame. The CVT was placed behind the driver seat to make the place for the drive of my front and rear cardan. The engine will be lifted slightly and brought forward a bit but will still be in its original position.
For the CVT, the engine and the rear cardan a sub frame needed to be built, these different parts will be set in a fixed position and become one frame. This frame will also be put in-between 6 rubbers above the rear wrench axle. This frame took me a week to built and I weighs approximately 75 kg.

The Beetle

My first thought was to build a beetle(buggy) that would be as light as possible, but this idea wasn’t possible because of my budget. The budget for a buggy would start at around €5000. In the end it would become a VW Beetle with licence plates which is authorized to drive on the public roads.
When  have a plan i always set certain standards to reach a goal my way.
These standards are:
1          conservation of licence plates
2          The car must be as light as possible
3          conservation of overall appearance
4          4WD
5          Permanent closure on all differentials
6          The motor should have lots of power
7          CVT automatic
8          As much seating as possible
9          Low budget
These standards that is set for myself are quite something, will i be able to realize them?
I didn’t need that much time to think it over and decided to start the project.
As of then I went searching a VW Beetle with a body that was still in good shape. On ‘marktplaats’ I found a 1970 Beetle that was partially transformed with a alfa motor in Haarlem. The following week I went to take a look if it was what I was looking for. And yes the following Saturday I went to get it with a friend of mine.
A few weeks after I sold the Alfa engine to a buggy rider and after one day of work all the body parts were dismantled.

The beginning

It all started 2 years ago when i came across an engine that i wanted to buy for a friend of mine. This enigine laid in the back of a Porsche 356 that came from the USA. The exact specifics weren’t known to us as the engine was tuned to a level that wasn’t normal.
It’s a air cooled 4 cylinder, with 2 double 48mm carberateurs on it. I was offered the opportunities to purchase the engine with everything included(coolers, meters, filters, snakes, fuel pump and blowers).
My first thought was that i would keep this engine as a backup for the engine in my ‘Karmann Ghia’. But the ‘Karmann Ghia’ almost never leaves the garage, because i’m quite fond of the car. That’s when i got the idea to do something else with it. My thought went straight to making a VW with extreme properties. After a few months i had it all came to me in my mind, how it would look like and how it should be build. I told my friends and other VW enthusiasts about it and they pronounced me crazy and thought it would never work. But everyone who knows me, knows that i’m always in for a challange. Although one of my friends was a fan right away, and his son Wessel Habraken would love to help me with the build of the Beetle.